Sport and Leisure


Your performance on these two pieces of work has been exemplary. I very much hope that we find further opportunities to work together

Les Southerton, Project Director,
Stockton-Middlesbrough Initiative

It has been a pleasure to work with you – you are always so flexible, understanding and professional in your work. You are by far the easiest consultants to employ and manage!

Anne Thompson, Sport Sector Leader, NWDA

Sport and Leisure are the primary business areas of Gecko Ltd and include:

Feasibility Studies

Examples of feasibility studies undertaken for proposed investments in events or facilities:

  • An indoor cricket centre of excellence (with DTP and SIRC)
  • Phase 2 improvements at Durham County Cricket Club’s Riverside Ground (led by SIRC)
  • Hosting the Special Olympics GB 2013 (with DTP)
  • Multi-activity centre of excellence in outdoor sports (with DTP)*
  • Upgrading Tees Whitewater Course (with DTP and SIRC)*

Major Events

Projects undertaken include:

  • Major Events Strategy for the North East of England (with DTP and MLS)*
  • Potential for the Tees Valley to host sporting events

Sport Tourism

  • Developing the economic potential of Sports Tourism in the East Midlands.  This project included an extensive study, incorporating a number of economic impact studies, and led to a national conference and subsequent talks to Tourism Management Institute (with DTP)*

Economic Impact Studies

  • Burghley Horse Trials
  • British Open Squash
  • Nottingham Open Tennis
  • Golf in the East Midlands
  • Nottingham Cup (Ice Skating)

All the above economic impact studies were carried out in partnership with CogentSI

Delivering wider economic and social benefits

Many of the strategies and feasibility studies developed include sections on how to use sport to derive wider social and/or economic benefits.  In addition we have specifically looked at this area on a number of occasions:

  • Development of a directory of specialist suppliers to major sports events and action plan to support sector growth (with Sandgrown Consultancy, PAWA Consulting and TBR)
  • The role of sport in tackling social exclusion*
  • Evaluation of Salford Council’s project to help ex-offenders into work and the community through sport and leisure*
  • Evaluation of the Sporting Communities Programme*

Business Planning / Improvement

  • Financial performance improvement strategy and action plan for Newham Grange Country Farm, Middlesbrough (with Sandgrown Consultancy)
  • Business and marketing plan for a sporting talent ID and health monitoring programme for Northumbria University (with PAWA Consulting)
  • Review of the Business Model and business improvement opportunities at Nature’s World, Middlesbrough (with DTP)
  • Evaluation of cultural sector skills in the North East (with DTP)

Sector Mapping Studies

  • Sports Social Enterprises in the East Midlands (with DTP)*
  • Preliminary mapping of the sports-related businesses in the North West

* Projects undertaken whilst I was co-owner of PAWA Consulting prior to setting up Gecko Ltd.